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Yin Yang T-Lite Candle Holder

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Presenting sophisticatedly elegant Yin Yang Tea-Light Candle Holder made from durable natural soapstones. This selenite candle holder features a Yin & Yang symbol in two different stones, with a deep hollow carved in the center to hold candles/incense. This yin and yang motif represents two opposite interconnected and counterbalanced forces.

Along with the candle holder, you can also use it as an incense holder. This crystal candle holder will not only complement the aesthetic of the space but also enlighten spiritual quests and meditation. Experience mess-free candle lighting with this tea light candle holder. Feel free to place it anywhere, as it holds the candle securely and doesn't let the wax ooze out the edges. Best gift for loved ones on special occasions.

  • Dimension: 4.5” x 1.5”

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