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Yin Yang Selenite T-Lite Candle Holder

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"Selenite" is a crystallized form of the gypsum mineral. According to antiquity, it was believed that selenite is waxy. Inspired by the cycles of the Moon, its name comes from the Latin word selenites, meaning "moonstone." It often feels silky and waxy to the touch.

Beautifully engraved, Yin Yang Selenite T-Lite Candle Holder is made using 100% natural Moroccan selenite. It consists of two detachable candle holders - one of orange selenite and the other of white selenite, the combination of which represents the Yin and Yang figure. It's best to keep them together, but you can also keep them separate. It will be a unique addition to the room's aesthetics and help drive away negative vibes. This selenite crystal candle holder has natural veining and is translucent, allowing light to illuminate its unique features. This tea light candle holder is soft and soluble, so handling it delicately and keeping it away from a liquid is essential.

  • Dimension: 4.4” x 1.5”

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