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Wood Ganesh Statue

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Presenting you a four-handed statue of the great Hindu elephant god, Lord Ganesha, revered as the God of wisdom & success and the destroyer of evil & obstacles. The Wood Ganesha Statue represents happiness and joy, a symbol of prosperity and fortune.

Expertly crafted, this hand-carved four-handed Ganesha statue is made using sturdy wood to ensure durability and authenticity. It is specially designed for worship and home decor. You can place it in religious places, office tables, homes, etc., to welcome positive vibes. It is believed that Ganesha's trunk destroys obstacles and brings progress in life. 

Exuding an aura of immense intelligence and positivity, this Ganesha idol is genuinely a work of art. You can gift this wooden elephant god to your friend, family, and co-workers on any special occasion.

  • Dimension: 14” x 5”

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