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The Creative Astrologer

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Counseling astrologers can now take advantage of one of the newest and most exciting paradigms in modern psychology: the efficacy of single session therapeutic success. This groundbreaking work is written by Noel Tyl, one of the world’s most respected astrologers, adding to his list of twenty-three texts that have informed two generations of astrologers.

Over 700 creative connections are offered in this text to guide astrologers through planetary and aspect symbolisms into a deep analysis of the human condition. As part of modern astrological practice and in the context of actual client-session transcripts―the first ever presented in the literature―Tyl presents numerous clearly developed techniques, including:

―Preparation for consultation
―Techniques for questioning 
―Methods for inviting disclosure
―Presentation skills
―Effective ways to explore therapeutic connections

Along with analysis, remediation, and healing, Tyl discusses the difficult topic of the practicality of behavioral predictions, how to frame them within client realities, and how to invite involvement from the client. Astrology is presented here in its most creative and constructive context, in which therapeutic holistic consultation is far more important than the abject description of varied chart factors.

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