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Tarot Court Cards for Beginners

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Gain clarity in your Tarot Court Card Reading with this 'Tarot Court Cards for Beginners' book!

The tarot court card is the most challenging card to work with for many tarot readers. But once you learn and know how these esoteric cards work, you can make them your friends and companions to gain vital insight and advice. This tarot reading is specifically about tarot court cards, including stories, explanations, and easy exercises. This book explores the aspects of the pages, kings, queens, and knights to enhance your journey via tarot.

In this Tarot for Beginners, author Leeza Robertson presents court cards from different angles, studying each card's symbols, personalities, legends, messages, and spiritual implications. This tarot card reading will help you enter court cards into your tarot practice with unique tips, reading methods, and spreading ideas. This book is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to learn and become an expert in tarot court cards.

Dimension: 8" x 5 1/4" x 1/4"

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