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Swift Lite 10 Disk Charcoal Roll

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Swift-Lite's quick-lighting and long-burning hookah charcoal tablet is a smokeless and odorless product originally designed for burning incense, resins, and dried herbs. This is also made for spiritual, magical, metaphysical, and ritual purposes. Our charcoal discs have a constant burn and can be lit quickly and easily with a match stick or gas lighter. This charcoal supplement product was re-developed and has now become a leading global brand for your favorite resins and burning incense. Each charcoal roll has 10 disks (33mm) available in a sealed wrapping.

Instructions: We always recommend placing the burner on a ceramic or any heat-resistant surface to avoid damaging the furniture base or tabletop. We never recommend placing a charcoal tablet directly on the burner without some sort of insulator.

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