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Of Blood and Bones Book

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In the rich history of witchcraft, shadow magic has a critical place, but people sometimes misunderstand it. 'Of Blood and Bones' - This book on the Dark Moon and Shadow Magic tells us about the ethical use of animal bones and parts, Dark Moon energy, blood magic, and other aspects of witchcraft. This magic book clears all our misconceptions about shadow magic.

Author Kate Freuler shares all the essential information and techniques to help you strengthen witchcraft practice, know and protect yourself, and connect deeply with nature. You'll also explore the methods for scrying, sex magic, hexing, and working with dark deities, in addition to using spells and graveyard dirt to assist in crossing a dying loved one.

The shadow works that are explored in this Dark Magic Book remind us that - 

  • Love and light are not everything and
  • Facing the dark side supports the quest to achieve spiritual perfection.

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 3/4"

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