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Love Dream Catcher Candle

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Add the premium scented candle with an enchanting fragrance to your sacred space! This Love Dream Catcher Candle absolutely makes a thoughtful selection. This spell candle can attract unconditional love in your life. It can also bring positive changes in your romantic relationship. You will feel more confident in a life full of love. 

The dream catcher candle opens up your heart to hope and peace into your life! It eliminates negativity and makes your life more peaceful. You may find the true meaning of love in your life. Pick up this beautiful selection to get an abundance of love and peace! This ritual candle will bring an enchanting vibe to your devotional spaces. 

Product Detail:

It is beautifully scented and has a label with an inspirational sentiment. 

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet." Plato

The Dream Catcher candles make wonderful gifts and tools for meditation or spell work.

  • Hand-Poured Pillar Candle
  • Burn Time 64 Hours
  • Size: 6.5" x 2" Pillar
  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Includes 3" Mini Dream Catcher beaded and feathered
  • Made in the USA
  • NOT Native American Made

Note: Remove all packaging before lighting, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

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