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Lavender Soap

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Lavender soap is a very mild and gentle bath soap. Lavender has been used for its healing and cosmetic properties for thousands of years, and its oil is one of the critical oils that most potently stimulates the growth of healthy new cells. Our Lavender Bar Soap is vegetable-based and has a blend of essential oils. It has a lavender floral soothing fragrance that relaxes and refreshes your mind and body. This body soap is an effective natural soap and ideal for normal, oily, and dry skin as it hydrates dry skin and removes excess oil, leaving skin soft and supple. Excellent for full-body use.

Always use a draining soap dish to keep bath soap away from draining water, especially after using it so it doesn't spoil and last longer.

  • Each bar weighs 100 gram
  • Made in India
  • No use of dye

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