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Kwan Yin Statue Silver Hindu lg

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Presenting to you is a Kwan Yin Statue, the Bodhisattva of Mercy, also known as Avalokiteshvara and Guan Yin. This Guanyin collectible figurine is made using pure silver and is beautifully engraved. Quan Yin is one of the most famous deities in entire Asia.

This exquisitely crafted silver statue depicts Quan Yin in the Lotus pose (padmasana posture). She is seated on a blossoming lotus and holds a vase in her lap. Her hair is in a bun, and in front of the hair is an image of Amida Buddha. The naturally flowing folds of his robe make the overall Quan Yin sculpture stunning.

It is specially designed to decorate living areas, bedrooms, drawing rooms, office desks, tabletops, and commercial places. You can also use it for worship in religious places. It is a worthy auspicious goddess statue to gift your loved ones on their special occasion.

  • Dimension: 9” x 4.5”

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