Ghost Begone Pocket Charm Kit

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The "Ghost Begone" pocket charm is a mystical amulet that offers protection from supernatural entities. It is a complete kit including spiritual stones, magical herbs, an instruction card, and a small bag to make a Ghost Gone Pocket Charm. It creates a shield of spiritual energy around you. Carry this stone charm in your pocket to ward off ghosts and spirits. Let this pocket charm be your assurance tool, ensuring that you remain untouched by the paranormal. It is a meaningful gift for friends, family, and yourself to stay protected.

Ghost Begone:

Sage | Stinging Nettle | Bilberry | Rosemary | Black Tourmaline Crystal | Selenite | Tiger’s Eye | Bag | Instructions

Charm Instructions:

  • Take the herbs, stones, and bag out of the packaging.
  • Combine herbs and place them in a bag.
  • Hold the stones and visualize the purpose for which you are creating this charm.
  • When you feel ready, place the stones in the bag and tie it closed.
  • Carry the bag with you and/or place it under your pillow at night.
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