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Dragons Blood Soap

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Dragons Blood Soap Bar is a carefully calculated blend of natural ingredients and extracts from Dragon Blood Tree. A long-lasting cleansing soap that cleans and conditions. This dragons blood soap is not only meant for whitening and cleansing, but it also has medicinal and healing properties. This natural soap helps to kill bacteria, moisturize, heal and repair the skin. It also eliminates redness and swelling that usually occurs in acne-prone skin. A herbal soap that controls sweat and wicks away odors all day long. Suitable for all types of skin, be it oily skin, dry skin, rough skin, or sensitive skin. Use it daily for bathing.

Always use a draining soap dish to keep bath soap away from draining water, especially after using bath soap so it doesn't spoil and last longer.

  • The bar weighs 100 gram
  • Made in India
  • No Dye

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