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Completion Celtic Pendant Candle

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Illuminate your place with our top-notch spiritual candle! Completion Celtic Pendant Candle makes a lovely mystic piece. The Celtic candle with symbolic relevance is for a much-needed peaceful atmosphere. The Celtic knot symbol represents eternal life. It reflects the interconnectivity between the physical world and eternity. There are many interpretations of this ancient mystic symbol. But it is always considered a positive sign that embodies the good virtues of life.

The soothing aroma of our scented candle will calm your mind. You will feel relaxation from your anxieties or tiredness. Add this premium candle to your collection of healing tools.

Product Detail:

  • Celtic knots are generally formed of endless lines signifying the binding of the soul to the physical world. The 10 points surrounding the knot work are symbolic of completion within life.
  • Remove all packaging before lighting, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

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