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Charcoal 48 Squares

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We offer you Incense Burner Charcoal made from organic material (bamboo, etc.), which lights easily, burns longer, and leaves an enchanted essence when burned. This allows you to burn dried herbs, roots, and resins and lets the aroma and energy spread into your environment. Incense has been used for rituals since years, to remove negative vibes/energy, ward off evil spirits, remove odor, etc. Our black charcoal squares are also used for all of the above purposes. Remember, our charcoal incense pieces don't spark when burned to prevent casualties.

How to use Incense Burner Charcoal?

It is very easy to burn bamboo charcoal pieces. Simply hold the pieces with tweezers and light them with a match or lighter until it burns. Now place them on a heat-resistant dish. Let them become white ash, and then add herbs, roots, or resins that you want.

Quantity: 48 Squares in a box

Charcoal Square Measures: 1" long x 1/2" wide by 1/4" thick

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