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Buddha Glass Stand 4" T-Lite Candle Holder

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De-stress yourself and create a calming atmosphere by placing this Buddha Glass Stand 4" T-Lite Candle Holder!

Introducing an exclusive, stunning buddha glass candle holder made using fine quality materials. This candle holder features a meditating Buddha seated on a lotus, laser engraved on transparent glass. This engraved Buddha silhouette displays a serene expression with downcast eyes, elongated ear lobes, high buns of hair, and graceful folds of drapery.

This tea light candle holder has two parts; one has a place to keep a candle, and the other is filled with stone pieces. When the candle is lit, it reflects a fantastic image of Buddha in the background. It creates a relaxing environment that sets the mood for meditation and mindfulness. It is the best inspirational gift for yourself, your family, and your friends on their special occasions.

  • Dimension: 4 inches

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