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Brass Bell with Handle

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Why Do We Use Hand Bells? To create a sound around your altar that calms and harmonizes the mind. Plus, it has huge significance in spell works, generating positive vibes and repelling negative vibes. It is believed that the sound of the altar bell sanctifies the place where it is played and blesses the religious auspicious functions, ceremonies, and rituals.

Why Buy This Brass Bell?

Our metal bell is made of solid brass and produces a sound lasting at least 6-7 seconds in the atmosphere. Since it is made of brass, it ensures durability and has a smooth polish that makes it a beautiful antique bell. Best for altar places as brass and copper are considered best for their spiritual significance. Plus it has been designed to be easy to clean.

How To Clean?

Take a bowl, add a teaspoon of baking soda to it and squeeze half a lemon. Let it be like a paste with medium consistency. Now take a cotton cloth and start applying the paste on each corner of the bell. Remove after drying.

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