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Bowl Cushion

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This traditional Singing Bowl Cushion is made of shiny and durable fabric, decorated with silver lace, and filled with fabric inside. There are mainly two benefits of using this Bowl Round Cushion. First, it is best to showcase your meditation singing bowls when they are not in use. Second, the cushion protects the base of the singing bowl from scratches and accidental movements. As the singing bowls are used to strike to originate sound. So they move from one place to another when striking which requires a cushion underneath a bowl to stay put.

Our Singing Bowl Ring Pillow is designed in a doughnut shape which brings excellent stability. There's no need to worry about the bowl falling or moving when hit because the pillow's deep hole in the middle allows the bowl to sit securely. So whether you’re planning to play singing bowls or making a showpiece; In both cases, the protection of the bowl’s base is essential.

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