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Assorted Box of Chocolates lg

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Box contains two each of the following:

Vanilla White Chocolate Truffle
Coffee Dark Chocolate Truffle
Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle
Orange White Dark Chocolate Truffle
Key Lime Dark Chocolate Truffle
Vanilla Butter Cream Milk Chocolate Truffle
Coconut Dark Chocolate Truffle
Coconut Bon Bon Chocolate Truffle
Black Forest Dark Chocolate Truffle
Rum Milk Chocolate Truffle

One each of the following:
Cherry Cordial Milk Chocolate
Cherry Cordial Dark Chocolate
Orange Dark Truffle
Champagne Milk Chocolate Truffle

Ingredient Information: Please see each candy online.

May contain or come into contact with allergens such as dairy, eggs, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, or gluten sources.

Candies are sold by the box and weight per piece varies by candy style.

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