As Above Book of Shadows Tarot

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'The Book of Shadows Tarot' emphasizes the Pedagogy and Ubiquitous Energies present in the world. Presented by Barbara Moore, As Above So Below Tarot Deck is a practical tarot card book based on Wiccan theologies and traditions. On this mystical journey, you'll encounter beautiful images of gods and goddesses, spell-weaving rites, lively Sabbat revelries, and vivid backgrounds central to Pagan spirituality.

The tarot's composition, from the elemental suits of wood, air, fire, water, and earth, to the profound symbolism of the major arcana, is firmly rooted in Wiccan themes. Authored by Barbara Moore, this tarot reading introduces Pagan/Wiccan principles. Moreover, it offers practical advice on using the deck while allowing for greater exploration and discovery.

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