Aquamarine Gemstone Infusion Glass Water Bottle

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Incorporate the power of gemstones into your favorite beverage.  The energy of the crystal infuses with your liquid. They may be changed out and you may add your own personal crystals to the mix.  Available in: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Peridot, Rose Quartz, and Tourmaline.

AQUAMARINE resonates to the energy of the ocean, helping the holder to connect with the nature spirits of the sea.  Captains and sailors carried it in ancient times to promote safe travel on the water and to protect against drowning.  The soothing energy makes it a perfect companion to calm fears and phobias the "Stone of Courage and Protection".  Used often with the Throat Chakra.  It can be used to promote verbal self-expression.  It is often used to enhance spiritual communication and clear communication blocks.  It is also used to align all of the chakras and enhance the auras.  The metaphysical properties of it make it an excellent stone for the spiritual initiate.


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