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Amber Rustic Votive Candle Holder

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The irresistibly beautiful and practical Amber Rustic Votive Candle Holder adds warm elegance that adds a rustic feel to the ambiance and enhances the aesthetic. This beautiful glass candle holder is crafted from superior quality glass with an antique, speckled finish. When the candle is lit inside, it reveals its authentic charm with a unique glowing speckled effect. This amber candle cup is sturdy and practical for daily use.

Suitable for holding tealight lighting and votive candles for any purpose, including witchcraft, spiritual works, and shimmering indoor and outdoor decorations. Place this mercury glass candle holder as a centerpiece on a tabletop, shelf, altar, room corner, etc.

Ideal Christmas, Thanksgiving, Work Anniversary, and Housewarming gifts for loved ones.

  • Dimension: 3” x 3”

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