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Abalone Shell

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Our Natural Abalone Shell is fancy and highly lustrous, known as the shell of beauty, peace, love, and harmony. It stimulates psychic abilities and dreams. It is helpful in connecting people with the aquatic world and wearing them makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, happy and caring. It brings harmony to family, motherhood, or any relationship. It is also used to make jewelry and buttons to stay in contact with the body. Moreover, you can use this seashell to make smudge bowls, white sage ashtrays, crystal holders, and decorative items. Plus, it's great as a ring holder dish, incense burner, altar supply, or shell decoration. Its natural iridescent colors instantly add elegance to any home or beach decor.

Physical Benefits: Abalone shells strengthen the immune system, muscle tissue, and heart and help with digestion. Also helpful in arthritis and joint disorders, allergies, and rashes.

Chakra: Crown, 3rd Eye

Zodiac: Pieces

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