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9" Stone Ganesha Statue

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Spread positive energy in your living space with this Four-handed Ganesha Statue!

Known as the remover of obstacles, God Ganesha brings luck and prosperity and is considered one of the wisest deities.

This beautifully carved Ganesha idol uses genuine, solid stone to make the masterpiece long-lasting. Designed to capture the essence of spirituality, this elephant Hindu god statue would be a great choice for a religious setting. In this, Ganesha is shown sitting on a throne with a rounded sweet in his trunk. He has a vajra & magazine in his hands, and on one side of his feet, a rat is seated as his vehicle.

Bring this idol and decorate your home and office so that the blessings of Lord Ganesha remain in your living place. This decorative item will surely enhance the decor value of a home, office, hotel, temple, etc. It is a good and valuable gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Dimension: 9 inches

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