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Wood Hands

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Introducing the "Hands of Hope" a well-carved wooden hand that looks like hands in an offering to the Universe. It is believed that they protect us from the evil eye. This wood carving hand sculpture is professionally engraved and has a smooth polish that makes it a durable and fine piece. The base of the piece is flat for stability so that the hands can sit comfortably on flat surfaces.

This carved wooden bowl is versatile and there are endless possibilities to utilize it every day. Following are some uses:

  • Use it to display objects in a meditation space or on an altar to harmonize sacred objects
  • Perfect as a trinket and crystal holder for displaying jewelry and crystals. Simply fill it up and put it on the tabletop or bedside.
  • Place this handmade wooden bowl as a candy holder in the kids' room.
  • Great gifting idea
  • Or simply use this wooden decorative bowl as a symbol of generosity and gratitude

Note: Slight imperfection in the size, design, and color is acceptable due to its hand-crafted nature.

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