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What Does That Mean

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An old proverb states that the book's value is not what it tells but what it does. What Does That Mean? Written by Eldon Taylor is one of those books that leaves a lifelong impression on everyone who reads it. This book on mystery and mind tackles the many inconsistencies in our belief systems, from science to psychic phenomena.

Eldon Taylor is ready to speak without hesitation and without any piety. The result is utterly thought-provoking on every level, as the work addresses the meaning of the ultimate ‘'humanness’' of man and life. This book would be thoroughly intriguing if you've ever questioned unexplained phenomena, the power of the mind, the nature of life, and other mysteries.

The author shares his experiences that lead to revelations about your own life. The primary value of this self-help book is to help you remember who you actually are and thus put you firmly back on the path of personal enlightenment. This book is a great exercise to enrich your thinking. Every time you may not like what you read, you will always find the depth of thought stimulating.

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