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The Feng Shui Bible

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The journey of life is always changing the flow and there are also ways to make our lives flow better. We bring you the Best Self-Help Book, The Feng Shui Bible, by Simon Brown. This Feng Shui Book aims to improve life in any aspect, be it home, health or finances. This intelligently arranged, visual reference book covers all aspects of feng shui ancient practices that come together to emphasize the practical benefits of feng shui. Featuring real-life experiences and examples, this book extends to a clear explanation of basic concepts such as - Yin and Yang, Chi Energy, the Five Elements, and the Eight Triggers. It includes all the critical equipment like daily objects (mirrors), plants, and fountains for smooth energy flow. This comprehensive Self-Improvement Book will teach you how ancient feng shui practices can help you improve your relationships, career, health, spiritual connections, finances, and creativity.

Dimension: 6 9/16" x 5 1/2" x 15/16"

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