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Symbolon Tarot

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The imagery of this unique 80-card deck helps the reader uncover memories from deep within the soul for profound personal insights. Unlike oracle decks, Symbolon is designed for summoning the past rather than diving the future. The cards, which depict historical scenes from European daily life as well as mythological stories, can be used in two different ways to explore memories of the past. The cards can be interpreted with a purely psychological approach, which does not require any knowledge of Astrology.  Alternatively, Symbolon can be used a remembrance tool using Astrology. The cards illustrate each possible astrological constellation in the horoscopes as an expression of deep, spiritual activity.

The booklet describes each card with both the psychological and the astrological meaning. In addition, each card is interpreted by one of three positions in a spread: as the problem, the way through the problem, or as the outcome. 

5 1/16 x 3 5 1/16 x 1 1/4

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