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Solomon's Angels

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"King Solomon knew how to use universal energy to build temples, gain knowledge and enjoy all the riches of life. The one thing he was missing was true love. Queen Makeda of Sheba was young and extremely curious about the world. Aiming to meet King Solomon, Makeda learns of the primordial realm of the jinn and their work with the magical light of the sun and moon, but she is still in doubt about taking responsibility for her own life."

Solomon's Angels - Doreen Virtue's first novel is based entirely on historically, biblical, archaeological, and culturally accurate information. With this Solomon Spirit Book, you'll know the entire scene of the forever life-changing meeting of Solomon-Makeda. You'll peek over the shoulder of the Queen of Sheba and learn the ancient secrets behind Solomon's construction of the temple without a hammer and saw. Also, you'll learn about the archangels, their representation of sacred geometry, and their role in divine magic. This Solomon's Angels book, an inspirational book of the magical romantic story of Solomon and Makeda, will inspire the reader in more ways than one.

Dimension: 7 1/4" x 5" x 11/16"

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