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Shiva Brass

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Bring this exquisite, hand-carved Lord Shiva Statue to welcome the cosmic sound energy at your place. It is the power of spells and words to positively affect us through their rhythm, beat, and vibration.

Made from optimum quality pure brass, this Adi Yogi Shiva statue is sturdy and will last many years. Hence, it can serve as a blessing and auspicious yet precious collectible for the next generation. This brass statue depicts a snake around his neck, a third eye, a trident on the left, and flowing Ganga (pure water) on his head.

Specially designed for worship and decoration, you can place it in religious places, homes, offices, and other areas to ward off evil coming in the way of your success. Lord Shiva is an important Hindu deity and plays an essential role in the fantastic Hindu concept of Trimurti (Trinity) which includes balance, destruction, and cosmic creation. This makes it an ideal religious gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Dimension: 7” x 3.5”

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