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Sacral Chakra Candle xl

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Get a life full of positivity and pleasure! This Sacral Chakra Candle can open the path of happiness. Use this chakra candle for making you feel the joy of worldly things. The sacral chakra controls your sexuality and creative powers! 

Your creativity will help you to make an impression among others. When the sacral chakra is in the right alignment, it will help you to explore your true passion! You will also fully enjoy the sensory pleasures. There can be many new situations that we face in life. Our sacral chakra helps us to evolve and become flexible in life. You will have the ability to be positive and move on in life. Our spiritual candle is there to help you if there is a blockage in this chakra. 

Product Detail:

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "turning."  In Eastern Tradition, the chakras were seen as powerhouses generating and storing energy in the body. These ideas have now become central to many Western disciplines and healing systems.

  • Symbol:  6 petal Lotus
  • Location: Slightly above genital area
  • Body Associations: Reproductive organs, Kidneys, Bladder, Pelvic girdle, Blood, and Lymph
  • Colors: Orange
  • Scents: Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood
  • Music: Carefree ‘Joie de Vivre’, Folk rhythms, anything that allows the emotions to flow and Moves the pelvis
  • Gemstones: Carnelian and Moonstone
  • Element:  Water
  • Planets:  Moon, Venus, and Pluto
  • Zodiac:  Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio
  • Food: Sweet fruits, Honey, and Nuts
  • Chakracise: Marching and stomping
  • Chakra: Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)
  • Intention: Creativity
  • Size: 3" X 6"
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Cotton, Lead-Free Wick
  • Burn Time: 100 Plus Hours

Note: Remove all packaging before lighting, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

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