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Psychic Perception

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Everyone possesses psychic powers and can be presently aware of events and experiences transcending the five senses.  This book teaches you to use these extraordinary psychic powers to benefit your daily living to an amazing extent.  It explains how to contact the Infinite Healing Presence within you, and supplies you with specific techniques for putting your extrasensory powers into operations for your practical benefit.  

Dr. Joseph Murphy was internationally know as a teacher, lecturer, and author of 40 books, and has been described as "perhaps the most popular writer in New Thought"  (Martin Larson, New Thought Religion, 1987).  He studied and taught with Ernest Holmes, and was Minister Director of the Divine Science Church in Los Angeles for 28 years.  Over his 45 years of teaching, he counseled thousands, lectured throughout the world, and was awarded numerous honorary degrees.  

 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 11/16"