Astral Travel Pocket Charm Kit

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Begin your astral journey or have an incredible out-of-body experience (OBE) with our Astral Travel Pocket Charm! This is a complete kit with several herbs, spiritual stones, instructions, and a bag. This pocket charm kit is specially designed to help in the journey to the astral world. The astral journey is when the subtle body separates from the physical body and travels outside it. The astral travel pocket charm can help you explore the spiritual realm and better understand the universe. So start this amazing journey today!

Astral Travel Pocket Charm Kit Includes:

Elderberry | Comfrey | Mugwort | Coltsfoot |Starry Jasper | Spectrolite | Angelite | Bag | Instructions

Charm Instructions:

  • Take the herbs, stones, and bag out of the packaging.
  • Combine herbs and place them in a bag.
  • Hold the stones and visualize the purpose for which you are creating this charm.
  • When you feel ready, place the stones in the bag and tie it closed.
  • Carry the bag with you and/or place it under your pillow at night.
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