What's The Theory Behind A Dreamcatcher? Where Can I Buy Dreamcatcher?

What's The Theory Behind A Dreamcatcher? Where Can I Buy Dreamcatcher?

Different cultures are a window through which you can see, connect and experience the lives of fellow peoples across this wonderful planet. It is an important factor that determines how the community of people responds and grows. Culture is the identity of each individual in the community that unites them irrespective of geographical location.

A dreamcatcher is one such symbol of culture. People from all over the world have embraced its meaning and symbolism. But what exactly is a dreamcatcher? And how did it come into existence? To get the answers to these questions, lets read further.

What Is A Dream Catcher and What Does It Do?

A dreamcatcher is a symbolic tool that is believed to protect the family and children from evil spirits and bad dreams. It generally used is to be hung over the beds of the children. In the last 20 years or so the contemporary dreamcatchers of today come in various styles, sizes, and colors but the authentic design is composed of a sacred wooden hoop (to represent the circle around the sun) and is stung with natural strong fibers or sinew in the form of a web that is attached with sacred items like wooden beads, crystals, and feathers dangling down from the base of the hoop. It was blessed by the medicine man and offered to the great spirit in hopes of protecting children from bad dreams.

Theory Behind Dreamcatcher

The origin of this symbolic tool can be traced to the Native American tribe- Ojibwe, and Lakota. The spider-like web is said to filter out all bad energies allowing only healing and peaceful dreams in.

In the Ojibwe tribal culture, it is considered an inanimate symbol of Asibikaashi  (a spider mother-figure woman). Asibikaashi is the protector of people, especially children, from nightmares and evil spirits. It is believed that the web of fibers catches the bad dreams and lets the good dreams flow through the center hole, hence the name "dreamcatcher.

In Lakota tribal culture, a dreamcatcher represents the “web of life” and all the good and bad ways of dealing with situations in it. In this culture, Asibikaashi is a tregetour who is believed to separate the good ideas from the bad ones of society, leading people to ultimately achieve their true goals and visions in life.

Where Can You Buy A Dreamcatcher?

Merkaba Sol

With the advent of technology and globalization, ideas and products are not limited to geographical boundaries anymore, and it has become more convenient to find, reach, and buy whatever you want offline/online.

The purpose of the dreamcatcher itself makes it a popular choice for people across cultures and countries. Due to its global identity, it is a much sought-after crafty material for the decoration of walls in homes also it is a perfect gift item. It is available in different styles and vibrant colors in gift shops, souvenir stores, and similar other places. One such place is Merkaba Sol, which has an extensive collection of innovative things for your spiritual health, like dreamcatcher candles. What is it? Let’s find out.

Dreamcatcher Candles As A Gift

Dreamcatcher Candles

Dreamcatcher candles are made with the notion of merging the essence of a dream catcher with hand-poured scented pillar candles. It is an innovative idea for meaningful gifting. A creative idea to offer you a solution to clear the confusion in your mind every time to think of gifting something meaningful to your loved ones. To add more significance and well wishes, you can go for candles that are labeled with some beautiful inspirational sentiments like balance, love, spirituality, abundance, strength, power, etc. With the unfurling of the fragrance of candles during meditations, candle rituals, and spell work, these sentiments can be easily manifested.

Immerse yourself in Divine Spirituality.

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