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Water Blessing Labels

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The Law of Attraction in Action Attraction Labels

( Inspired by the movie The Secret and teachings of Abraham )

The Law Of Attraction is an ancient universal principal that states, "What you focus on, you attract". We are powerful creators! When we set a clear intention, it is bound to become reality. The key to manifesting what you want is in how good you feel about it. Positive vibrations attract positive outcomes.

The attraction labels and the daily inspirational cards will support you to visualize and feel your passion. See it Feel it Live it. The more you are in tune with your hearts desires the faster they will materialize.

Includes 4 Reusable Labels, 4" Reusable Round Window Decal, plus bonus 8 inspirational cards and Attraction Bookmark inside.

Radiant Body 

Manifest well-being and the kind of body you really want. Keep these labels in the most visible place reminding you of the power of attraction.


Attract a soul mate or deepen the love in your existing relationship by keeping the love vibration alive with these visual reminders.

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