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Universal Tarot

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An ancient card game, a living book of secrets, or a complex code of sapiential teachings, the Tarot still exerts an indisputable charm on generations of enthusiasts, collectors, and simply inquisitive people.  

Known by most as an oracular medium, the Tarot actually outlines for all practical purposes a spiritual path that can lend, to those that desire to undertake it, unexpected discoveries and lessons.  With the beautiful Universal Tarot, a tool of great symbolic power, master Roberto De Angelis has created a new deck that is simultaneously practical and complex whose images encourages insightful divinatory and symbolic readings at several levels.  

The book clearly and instinctively presents a complete path for beginning cartomants just starting out as well as the most experienced users:  After a brief history on the mysterious origins of the Tarot, keys to interpreting the Major and Minor Arcana and general meanings are provided as well as a thorough analysis of the symbolism of each card.  

Attention is also given to the task that each Arcanum requires of the user and how it may be interpreted with a divinatory spread.  

In addition to the various recommendations on how to prepare for a reading (environment, lighting, breathing, how to energetically "charge" the deck), various systems for reading the cards are presented for the numerous ways of consulting them.  

This book was created to accompany Lo Scarabeo's Universal Tarot cards.

8 1/4 x 5 15/16 x 9/16

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