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Threading the Needle Bookmark

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Threading the Needle Bookmark is an amazing 3D bookmark with a cutting-edge lenticular design. This lenticular bookmark features multicolor air balloons flying in the sky, creating diverse effects and amazing crystal 3D impressions. This magical 3D effect is created using image layers that are topped with clear lens coating. To see the vivid, diverse images or 3D effects, hold the bookmark one way. When you turn the bookmark a little, another clear image appears. This fantastic bookmark is easy to use and fits any book design. A wonderful book accessory that will add a unique touch to the book and will track your reading progress. It comes in a perfect size. Ideal bookish gift for book lovers on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and many more.

  • Measures: Approx 6" x 2 1/2" inches
  • Designed by Royce B. McClure
  • Special Features: Lenticular design and three-dimensional or 3D

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