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The Wicca Bible

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Want to boost and expand your understanding of Wicca? If So get 'The Wicca Bible' today. It is written by Anne-Marie Gallagher; this Wicca book is 'The Definitive Guide to Magic and the Craft.' Wicca is a spiritual practice that respects nature's diversity and divinity and advises participants not to harm anyone. It has many paths to choose from, but with this book, you can take a sample walk down all of them in this enjoyable, accessible, and balanced study.

Synopsis of 'The Wicca Bible':

  • It includes in-depth knowledge of critical aspects of Wicca, such as spells, rituals, divination techniques, and circle work.
  • It explains what tools you need when exploring this ancient 'craft' in depth.
  • It covers the entirety of Wicca as a philosophy, magical tradition, and spiritual path.
  • It includes all the advice on choosing a magical name, from practicing Wicca at home to placing an altar.

Dimensions: 6 9/16" x 5 1/2" x 15/16"

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