The Hidden Power of Your Past

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Have you ever noticed how difficult it has become to change some of life's patterns? 

Well, the causes may be encoded in your endless history laid down over a lifetime in karmic sources. You may be struggling with financial problems, feeling hopeless about finding true love, or a habit you can't seem to get rid of, but all of these things can be traced back to past lives. Even psychological and physical ailments like chronic pain, allergies, weight problems, and self-doubt can result from unknown past events. But these past-life sources no longer need to remain a mystery or have any power over you. 

This past-life reading, 'The Hidden Power of Your Past' by Sandra Anne Taylor (New York Times best-selling author), explores the energy of karma and reincarnation. This psychic reading reveals how your eternal consciousness can be encoded to influence your destiny today. By learning to release and rewrite your karma now and in the years to come, you can pave the way to personal power and joy. 

The enclosed CD includes the following - 

  • Easy and safe past-life regression made to reveal the encoded information of your life.
  • A fun and fast meditation to rescript the past and transform the present
  • Look into potential future events and set future intentions with meditation
  • Affirmations to release your karma and program maximum success

Dimension: 6 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 11/16"

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