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The Healing Power of Reiki

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Reiki healing therapy is a modality that has the power to heal our mind, body, and soul through healing ancient techniques. 'The Healing Power of Reiki' is a book based on Reiki energy healing therapy or treatment. It is written by Raven Keyes, who practiced in an operating room under the supervision of Reiki Master Dr. Mehmet Oz. Author Raven tells the moving stories of giving Reiki to PTSD survivors, as well as workers at Ground Zero, trauma patients, professional athletes, and those suffering from severe emotional pain. In this book, the author shares the joys and pains of working with patients, their communities, and their loved ones to provide them with inspiring experiences. Reading these reiki therapy stories and meditation fills the readers with a sense of hope and harmony. Moreover, the book is filled with helpful Reiki healing therapies to connect more deeply with Reiki healing.

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