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The Cosmic Power Within You

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Within every individual, there is a hidden Cosmic Power.  In this practical guide, Dr. Joseph Murphy shows you how to find and harness this infinite resource to help you achieve physical, spiritual, and even career success.  

You have unlimited creative potential, and every page of this book teaches you how to tap this Cosmic Power for a richer, fuller, and more productive life.  The secrets of this life-changing process are spelled out simply and clearly, drawing upon both Eastern and Western cultures for their special techniques and prayers.  As you learn and apply these methods, your new-found energy will be revealed and set free to transform your life from inward, to outward, to upward.  

Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers.  Start to command your life pattern now.  Discover this miraculous contact inside and move onward to achievement, accomplishment, and victory.  

Joseph Murphy Ph.D., D.D., (1898-1981) was a world-renowned authority on mysticism and mind dynamics.  The author of more than thirty books, including his bestselling The Power of the Subconscious Mind, he remains a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration for legions of loyal followers.

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