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The Astrological Elements

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With Sun Horoscope Astrology, gaining a more in-depth understanding of yourself and the people near you is easier than you imagine! 

'The Astrological Elements' by Sally Cragin is an easy-to-use astrology book that explains how fire, earth, air, and water can affect our lives. The author explores all 12 zodiac signs and elements in this book. This book nicely explains the role of each sign concerning love, family, friendship, and work with colorful descriptions. Here you can find out how each sun sign can be effective as a friend, boss, coworker, spouse or partner, romantic interest, and more.

Get an eye on The Astrological Elements of the Zodiac Signs and understand - 

  • How do all sign pairings match up, 
  • How your zodiac sign can point you toward your career, and 
  • Even the sensual Scorpio or luxury-loving Taurus has what to offer with shopping tips for every zodiac sign.

The book is sprinkled with engaging discussions of past celebrity couples and the dynamics of their astrological relationships, including Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant, and others.

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