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Tarot Wisdom

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The Twenty-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack has transformed the study of the Tarot forever. Enriched with Pollack's personal stories, insights, and experiences acquired over the past three decades, this Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack welcomes you to a charming and fun adventure.

Enriched with assorted knowledge of the Tarot past, this Tarot Reading features new ways of interpreting and using Tarot cards. This tarot guide is a treasure of basic spreads to try for yourself, including tarot spreads for magical, spiritual, psychological, and predictive readings. In this Tarot Book, all 78 tarot cards are explored from new angles using cards from seven different decks. So that they can be contrasted and compared easily. It doesn't matter where is your starting point on the path of personal discovery; this Tarot Wisdom will surely be your best companion in your journey.

Dimension: 9 3/16" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/4"

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