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Tarot Companion

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‘Tarot Companion’ by best-selling tarot author Liz Dean is a portable guide to reading cards for self and others. It is the best quick reference handbook for those interested in understanding the art of Tarot reading. 

Tarot reading is one of the oldest esoteric practices, and the art of reading tarot cards has existed for over 600 years. Despite being such an old art, tarot is more popular than ever in our modern society. This is because cards speak to our most instinctive and primal selves through their meanings, symbols, and stories.

This 'Tarot Companion' book uncovers the secrets and messages of the cards from the Major to the Minor Arcana, along with how to clear and shuffle the deck. This accessible little tarot guide lets you use the cards quickly and accurately. With this Tarot book, you can quickly gain insight into an important question, uncover an inner truth, or discover what is unfolding in your life.

Dimension: 8 1/2" x 5 9/16" x 9/16"

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