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Spirit Animal Coloring Book

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Are you looking for a fantastic activity book for your kids' birthday gift?

This 'Spirit Animal Coloring Book' is the best coloring book for kids as well as for coloring enthusiasts of all ages. It is by far the best way to unleash your creativity while strengthening your connection with the animal world. As soon as you unfold the pages, you will come across a black-and-white world of animals that you have to color. As you open the pages, you'll meet Firefox, Storm Falcon, Ghost Cat, and more amazing creatures from the skies, gardens, oceans, and forests.

About the book:

  • This animal coloring book is printed on 150gsm paper with intricate details and open space to satisfy coloring lovers.
  • 50 linework based on original drawings and paintings with some much-loved images
  • You can lighten your palette and experiment with bright highlights, deep shadows, and bold contrasts.

Created by: Ravynne Phelan

Published by: Blue Angel

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