Sons of the Goddess

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'Sons of the Goddess,' the Spiritual Book on Wicca, is written by Christopher Penczak. He became interested in witchcraft from an early age and has been studying and practicing Wicca ever since.

This Wicca Magic Book introduces essential masculine perspectives on the basics of Wicca. It covers the Wiccan Rede, the Rule of Three, Ritual Spell and Magic, Wiccan Ethics, and Sabbats.

Not only a 'Wicca 101 Book' but 'Son of the Goddess' also contains both the background knowledge and practical instructions mainly for males, including - 

  • Methods for "instant magic."
  • Exploring male Pagan archetypes
  • Creating a psychic protection shield
  • Sex magic and seeing sex as a sacred act
  • Rites of passage and the spiritual effects of astrological alignments
  • Finding, cleansing, and blessing your own magical tools 
  • The mythology of the God and Goddess and the use of their roles as positive models in family relationships
  • A grimoire of spells tailored to modern urban living, including - attracting money, keeping your car running, spells for binding bullies, and finding love.

This Wiccan Book is an invitation by a young man to young men to explore strong magic and masculine secrets.

Dimension: 9 1/8" x 7 9/16" x 1/2"

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