Simply Handwriting

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The book Simply Handwriting Analysis by Eve Bingham is the best graphology book to help you interpret sample handwriting and learn about others' personalities. The author explained everything about handwriting analysis; its brief history, meaning, and importance.

Sometimes words speak louder than actions, and soon you'll be able to analyze them using this book. This beautifully illustrated, user-friendly guidebook lets you delve deep into all aspects of handwriting -

  • the way the writing moves across the page
  • the meaning of the pen, pencil, and ink chosen
  • the slope of the script
  • the amount of space between words
  • the size and shape of the individual letters and signatures.

There is also a test of writing styles on logos, shop signs, head paper, and other situations where lettering needs to make a good impression. The samples illustrate each point in a subtle visual style.

This book in this series demystifies various divination systems, including palmistry, astrology, dreams, color therapy, numerology, crystals, Chinese astrology, fortune telling with playing cards, Wicca, runes, and face reading.

Dimension: 9" x 6" x 3/8"
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