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Setting Spirits Free

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Setting Spirits Free by Diana Palm is a spiritual book that explores ways to send noisy, energy-draining spirits into healing light. This book is a mysterious and fascinating guide that will help you understand the world of spirits. It will help you to remove unwanted ghosts and paranormal activities from your life.

Including simple instructions and meditation exercises, this book will help you learn to change your brainwave frequency to safely clear negative energies. The author recounts her own paranormal encounters for a closer look at ghosts: loved ones in spirit, lost souls, vehicles and objects, demons, spirits in disguise, and more. This book on Freeing Spirits includes paranormal investigation tools, environmental causes of ghosts, energy vortexes, and knowledge of paranormal activities in your life. You can leverage this book to protect yourself from spiritual possession and attack, to separate ghost impressions from wise spirits, and to use Theta Healing to soothe ghosts.

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