Quest a Guide for Creating

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For those longing to discover the purpose of life, confront fears, find spiritual power within, and heal emotional wounds for a goal-driven soul, here's a unique 'Quest guide' to help you create, carry out, and succeed with a fresh approach to day-to-day life.

It’s a personalized spiritual program for self-growth and healing, drawn from Native American traditions and other cultural conventions from around the globe.

The spiritual book 'Quest: A Guide for Creating' by internationally renowned lecturers and therapists Denise Linn and Meadow Linn draws on her Native American roots and the pedagogy of ancient cultures. This will help create a spiritual program for those who wish to venture into their own retreat of Vision Quest. This spiritual guide is one of the best companions for taking action on new discoveries and is a powerful way to reclaim a sense of connectedness to the earth.

Moreover, you will learn how to:

  • Unleash your goals
  • Find mystery at the epicenter of your vitality
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Harness the energy of the Sacred Circle
  • Encounter and release yourself from anxieties
  • Heal dynamic impairments
  • Conceive peace of mind
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