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Psychic Empowerment for Everyone

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Surging within us all is a limitless wellspring of natural psychic power. You can tap into this incredibly rich resource and begin living a more meaningful and fulfilling life--starting right now.

Psychic Empowerment for Everyone links scientific study of psychic phenomena with practical applications, helping you to develop your innate psychic ability and turn it into reliable skills. Unleash your psychic potential as you engage in consciousness-expanding meditation, progress through a seven-day empowerment plan, and employ laboratory-proven techniques in dream work, self-hypnosis, aura viewing, and other exciting areas so that you can:

Communicate with your spirit guides Explore the nature of consciousness Navigate psychic planes Achieve your goals Enrich your relationships Experience health and wellness Understand precognitive dreams Uncover past-life experiences Open your heart and your mind to the world of psychic power--and prepare to experience spiritual enlightenment, personal enrichment, and a life of true empowerment.

9" x 6" x 5/8"

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