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Messages from Water and Universe

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Messages from Water and the Universe is a fascinating book that tells how beautifully prayers, goodwill, and positive words can heal humans, viruses, and the universe via water. It is written by Masaru Emoto, who has spent 15 years studying in depth what water is, how it is rooted in the creation of the universe, and how the right proportion of love and gratitude helps this energy move infinitely. 

The author says that water has lost its original form. It shows that our way of living has turned away from the will of God. That's why the author says that we should heed our Creator's warning "correct the way we're living now."

With the author's engaging illustrations and stunning photographs, this cutting-edge psychic reading offers important messages from water. At the same time, the book reminds us that - the essence of life lies in the love and gratitude we have in our hearts.

Dimension: 7" x 5" x 3/8"

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